Everything that ends up on display in a shop or on a website needs to be manufactured, delivered and stored before it is ready for sale. The main factors that contribute to a thriving beauty brand are related to branding and lifestyle choices. However, the world of logistics tends not to be compatible with the glamorous world of cosmetics. Click here to see the latest buzzwords in beauty.

Unless you emphasise a strong sourcing ethic, your customers generally won’t know or care about the product’s journey through the supply chain. However, an efficient warehousing and distribution operation can make the difference when it comes to the end product on the shelf.

At NX we work with some high end skincare and fragrance brands to ensure that their flagship products remain clean and untainted during the supply chain journey. What attracts a beauty brand to its key audience is a set of lifestyle connotations. The packaging, branding and messaging needs to stay consistent. Seeing a product in packaging that is damaged or defaced can negatively affect the values associated with that brand. Think about a Bentley car with a broken windscreen and graffiti on the side. All of a sudden the values of luxury and aspiration are lost.

This is what can happen if a retail product is exposed to a damp warehouse, overpacked onto double-stacked pallets and handled with less than the ideal amount of care. Damaged goods means a damaged brand, as well as lost revenue.

Indie Beauty Delivers is a warehouse matching service that finds the right supply chain solution for beauty brands. This is great for strong brands that need to pair up with strong logistics providers.