European pallet delivery can be a long process. If you are bringing goods into the UK, The NX Group are here to provide the solution for your onward distribution throughout the UK. Delivering your containers or palletised goods into our central location will save you time, allowing your drivers to return quickly. Our fleet will then deliver your goods throughout the UK on your behalf. We appreciate the extra importance of an international consignment, so we strive to go the extra mile. With a range of solutions available, we can find the right one to meet your requirements.

NX Group Services

Operating in the Midlands, The NX Group is in the prime location to reach all UK postcodes. This area is known as the ‘Golden Triangle of Logistics’ – with access to the major motorway networks across the country to reach 90% of the UK. We currently work with European logistics companies to provide a solution for their UK consignments. This incorporates palletised goods being delivered to our central hub, where we then deliver to the end customer in the UK. Warehousing options are available for goods, either short or long term, depending on the requirements.

We operate on a 24 or 48 hour delivery for goods within the UK, providing a quick service to get your deliveries to the end customer. There are many benefits for working with us on your European to UK pallet deliveries, including our high levels of service, communication of PODs for customers, brand new fleet, location and much more. We understand that all consignments require timed deliveries, care and to follow specific delivery instructions. Discuss your requirements with us to find out more.

EU – UK Distribution

Deliver your pallets into one central hub

Distribution of your goods across the UK on your behalf

Providing the complete solution

European Road Freight

One of our European logistics partners is Express Road Freight, which enables us to combine expertise from the UK and the Benelux region of Europe. This benefits both the client and the service provider due to access to a larger market. Discover more about Express Road Freight.

Delivering into Amazon and UK Retailers

The NX Group are experienced in delivering into Amazon Fulfilment Centres and major UK retailers, with daily deliveries into distribution centres. Goods coming into the UK which are to be delivered to Amazon Fulfilment Centres or Retail Distribution Centres are safe in our hands. We understand the specific requirements for each delivery and have the capability to carry out booking in stock for delivery.

European Pallet Deliveries

European Pallet Deliveries

By delivering into one central UK hub, you are able to save time as your drivers can complete one delivery and head back to Europe. Your goods are safe in our hands for the onward deliveries throughout the UK. We specialise in high value goods, and have experience in providing the UK deliveries of goods coming in from Europe. Talk to the team today to find out more about the benefits of working with The NX Group as your UK partner.

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