NX Order Fulfilment Service

One of the extra services that NX can offer is order fulfilment, often known as ‘pick and pack. This can be seen as an auxiliary service to warehousing, but it is a key part of the operation for many suppliers and retailers.

Instead of simply moving all of a shipment in and out of a warehouse, many clients have the need for incremental movement. NX can respond to your delivery note or sales order by selecting the relevant stock and preparing it for despatch. Our secure warehouse facilities also have a dedicated space for processing of items. Typically, this involves despatching several of one or more Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) in a bespoke denomination.


For example, a client may present us with a sales order for 100 x red widgets and 75 x blue widgets. It’s our job to take those amounts from the existing inventory and pack them onto a pallet ready to go out. That inventory would be scanned upon removal from the storage location and again once it leaves the warehouse. This then updates the stock levels.

All NX clients have access to their own customer portal so they can track inventory and run detailed reports in real time.

We have invested in a powerful Warehouse Management System which means that the inventory data is as detailed and flexible as the client needs it to be. As soon as any item is removed from its location, the WMS gets updated and new data is ready to report on. 


As well as order fulfilment, we have some cases where a client needs to bring in an amount of stock and have it reworked into a different format. This may be in the form of different quantities within each box, or a slightly larger job such as applying new labels onto each individual unit.

Again, our resources allow us the space and expertise to get these tasks done within a reasonable time frame and we can even print off labels and perform final quality checks if needed. The nature of our operation means that we don’t just have a one-size-fits-all service. Most companies we trade with have a bespoke requirement and we provide a logistics solution that is tailored to their needs.

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