Any product that you buy, whether online or in a physical shop, has to go through a similar supply chain process. Part of that process is inevitably warehousing or some sort of storage, and it is this stage in the logistics journey that can be the most important in the conservation of the product in its most sellable form.

As the cosmetics industry becomes more competitive, the importance of a safeguarded supply chain increases. Our infographic below shows why…

5 reasons to store beauty products safely

Cosmetics Beauty Industry Graphic
Extremes in temperature can change the ambient state of some cosmetics
Superficial damage to the packaging can affect saleability
Damaged packaging risks contamination
High value goods are at risk of theft
The supply chain environment should reflect the brand ethics

At NX we work with Indie Beauty Delivers who work with beauty and healthcare brands to find the best warehousing solutions to ensure a safe and secure supply chain. Beauty logistics expert Rachel Whittaker is well-versed in laying the perfect path from lab to shelf.

Gone are the days when you have to put up with a dusty or damp warehouse for your precious stock. A trend has been emerging of a higher level of security and quality from specialist warehouses in the UK. The likes of Wingman, King of Shaves and brand experts Blue Orange are increasingly seeing a trustworthy 3PL warehouse solution as playing a key role in their business. The budget end of the storage market may bring savings initially, but secure supply chain solutions can virtually eliminate stock loss and increase peace of mind.